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Daang Dance

Domain:Performing arts

State: Gujarat


The video is a presentation on the Daang dance of the Dangi tribe of Gujarat. The Dangi tribe is found in the Dang region of Gujarat. The Daang is performed during festivals like Holi. It is also performed at fairs and ritual ceremonies. The dance is fast-paced and rhythmic. It is performed by both males and females. The Dangi men and women stand in a circle and they dance by going round and round as they create different movement patterns. Their arms are locked onto the shoulder or waist of the adjacent dancer. As the dance proceeds the movements become faster until the performance is brought to a halt. The dance requires great physical agility and balance as the women climb on the shoulders of the men to form a human pyramid. These human pyramids may have two to three tiers and they move clockwise or anti-clockwise accordingly.