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Cultural Heritage of the Ethnic People of Tripura

Domain:Social practices, rituals and festive events

State: Tripura


This video is a presentation on the culture of the various ethnic hill communities of Tripura. The film starts with a documentation of the cultural heritage of the Debbarma people at Sipai Para. The weaving tradition of the Debbarmas along with their traditional dish, Bangai Cake and the Mamita Haraimani dance is documented. Other communities, showcased in the video are the Reangs, their weaving and basket-making tradition and the Hojagiri dance; the Noatia, their Jhum dance, worship of their deity Lampra, wedding practices and lullabies; the Jamatias, their administrative system called the hoda, jatrai performance in Kokborok language and the Jamatia Jhum dance; the Kukis, their weaving tradition and religious beliefs and their Taangdam dance; the Halams and their traditional songs and Dithalam dance; the Dalongs and their Cheraw dance; the Lushais and their traditional sports and the Sarlamkai dance; the Chakmas and their rich oral tradition.