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Prajnaparamita (Chunda)

Original Location: Nepal

Present Location: National Museum, New Delhi

Date: 15th Century CE

Period: Early Modern

Material: Bronze

Objects: Sculpture

Dimensions: H 18.1 x W 12.2 x D 7.1 cm

Credits: National Museum, New Delhi

Bodhisattva Aavalokitesvara stands on a circular lotus pedestal. The raised right hand is held in abhaya-mudra while in the left he holds the stem of a lotus flower on which a miniature Amitabha is seated. There is a circular nimbus around his head and the lower garment is reaching the ankles and has drapery folds fastened at the waist. He has extended earlobes and a three-pronged ornamented coronet, a beaded necklace, bracelets, etc.