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The state of Manipur or the “Jewelled Land”  is adorned with rich biodiversity and art and culture. Manipur shares boundaries with Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south, and Assam to the west. It covers an area of 22,327 Sq.Km. with lofty mountains and lush valleys. It is believed that Manipur is the birthplace of Polo. Its capital is Imphal, a city whose name is linked to the Second World War, owing to the Battle of Kohima and the Battle of Imphal.
Manipur is loved for its handicrafts and jewels, rich cuisine and exquisite music. It is a land of festivals, rich history, culture and traditions. Manipur is home to one of Asia’s largest all-women markets - Ima Keithal - a 500-year-old market, managed by as many as 5000 women.



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×Keibul Lamjao presented by Sangeet Natak Akadem

This video is a performance of the popular dance drama named Keibul Lamjao,   by Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy.  

Do you know the Manipuri Legend of Kedang? 


×Raas (Manipuri dance Style)

This video features a performance of Raas, in Manipur. Its music is an amalgamation of Manipuri folk music and classical Hindustani Ragas.

Know more about this beautiful dance style.


×Sangai: Dancing Deer of Manipur

This video of a popular dance drama titled Keibul Lamjao portrays the endangered Sangai deer of Manipur. 

What is unique about Keibul Lamjao sanctuary?



Pena is a single stringed musical instrument. It is used for different rituals in the Meitei society. 
Who is  Pena Asheiba ?


×Dhol-Cholam presented by Sangeet Natak Akademi

This video is a performance of the Manipuri folk dance, Dhol-Cholam. It is performed mainly during the festival of Holi.  

Watch the complete video to know more about Dhol-Cholam.


×Khor (Rice beer of Tangkhul)

Khor is a traditional rice beer prepared and consumed by the Tangkhul community of Manipur. 

Click to know more about the traditions associated with Khor consumption.



Sankirtana is the artistic manifestation of Manipuri worship.This art consists of narrative singing and dancing. 

What are the musical instruments associated with Sankirtana ?


×Sankirtana, ritual singing, drumming and dancing of Manipur

The Sankirtana of Manipur is a vibrant practice, promoting an organic relationship with people. 

Click to know more about the social functions of Sankirtana.



Pung is a percussion instrument made of softwood, parchment, leather, and cotton. It is mainly used as an accompaniment to Natasankirtana and other traditional art forms of Manipur.

Click to know more about Pung.


×Sheng Kheng

Sheng Kheng is a solid instrument consisting of two saucer-shaped disks made of highly refined bronze. It is mainly used as an accompaniment in Manipuri dances. 

How is Sheng Kheng used ? 



Moibung is a wind instrument made of a conch shell. The blowing of the Moibung marks the beginning of an auspicious occasion in Manipur. 
Click to know more about Moibung


×Textiles of Manipur

The textiles of Manipur reflect a spectacular weaving tradition, nurtured by its people for ages. 
Who commissioned the craft of weaving Moirang Phee ?


×Mao Oral Tradition

This video is a presentation of an oral tradition of the Mao community of Manipur. 

Click to watch the complete video. 



Dholak is a percussion instrument made of cotton, metal, steel, goatskin, buffalo skin, sheesham wood, mango wood and syahi. It is mainly used during the Yaoshang festival. 
Do you know the three ways of playing a Dholak ?


×Gaudiya Nritya

Gaudiya Nritya is a classical dance form of Manipur. The performance of Gaudiya Nritya is based on mythological stories.

Click to know about the origin of Gaudiya Nritya


×Kanglei Haraoba

This video showcases Kanglei Haraoba, one of the types of Lai Haraoba festival, performed in the Imphal valley of Manipur. 
Click here to know more about Kanglei Haraoba.