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Lahore Conspiracy Case Decision (Nationalist Artwork on Bhagat Singh)

Paintings, portraits and photographs are known to capture important events and observations in the most unique ways and provide a distinct insight into our history. One such revolutionary whose events have been captured often in pictorial depictions is Bhagat Singh, who was also photographed in Kashmere Gate, Central Delhi. The nationalist artwork titled Lahore Conspiracy Case Decision, which is associated with Arorbans Press of Lahore (in undivided Punjab), is one such example. 


The artwork is emphatically symbolic and aimed to capture and generate a positive nationalist sentiment amongst the people. It is most significantly connected to Bhagat Singh, and other key figures convicted in the Lahore Conspiracy Case such as Sukhdev and Shiv Verma. The convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment. The picture includes their names, mentioned on the bottom left side. It is believed to have been drawn after the sentences were declared on 8 October, 1930. 


Lahore Conspiracy Case Decision is one of the several surviving artworks that eulogise Bhagat Singh and remind us of his remarkable role in India's freedom struggle. Such artworks have travelled with time and inspired many people. Art of such freedom fighters carried their  essence and influence with them.



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Lahore Conspiracy Case Decision