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Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh

Domain:Social practices, rituals and festive events

State: Arunachal Pradesh



Arunachal Pradesh is a land of rich cultural heritage and tradition that stems from the presence of the various tribes indigenous to the state. One of the larger tribes is the ‘Apatani’ who are known for their fish and paddy culture, along with cane and bamboo crafts. With being the first tribe in India to come in contact with the British in the 12th century, various documents record the growth and tradition of the Apatanis over a number of years. The elders in the tribe propagate knowledge through folk stories, songs, couplets in the form of Miji-Migun, Busi-Ayu and also extensive and elaborate festivals like Marun, Myako, Dree, and Yapung. The Apatanis speak a local language called Tani and worship the sun and the moon. The tribe has extensive knowledge of herbal remedies to cure most of their ailments. Local ritual specialists also take part in chanting, blood-letting and animal sacrifices in a bid to keep the inhabitants healthy.