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Behdienkhlam at Jowai

Domain:Social practices, rituals and festive events

State: Meghalaya


The video is a documentation of the Behdienkhlam festival celebrated at Jowai in Meghalaya in the Jaintia hills. The video includes commentary by Mr. C.D. Pde on the festival. The Behdienkhlam festival is a colourful celebration associated with the Pnar community of Meghalaya. It is celebrated in the month of July when the beating of drums signals the approaching festival. The festival is celebrated all over the Jaintia hills for prosperity and good harvest. The main spectacle takes place in the town of Jowai. The festival lasts for four days and three nights during which time attempts are made to please the Gods through performances. The rots (tall bamboo structures which are decorated with coloured paper), are the most exciting part of the festival. They are brought to the Aitnar site in the town where all the men and women gather.