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Domain:Social practices, rituals and festive events

State: Ladakh


The video is a documentary on the people of Ladakh. The vast and wind-swept landscape of Ladakh is home to diverse ethnic groups with distinct historical, cultural and linguistic descents. The film begins with a look at the origin myth of Ladakh where the disgruntled wife of Naropa, Soji Lamo or the Goddess of Four Seasons turns her back on Ladakh when he leaves her to spread the word of the Buddha, thereby causing Ladakh to dry up. Then it looks at the capital of Leh which has a very tumultuous history of trade, invasion and conquest resulting in the convergence of different races, religions and cultures. Various people, from the Moravian Christians who came to Ladakh in 1885, to the Arghons (descendants of Muslim traders) can be found in Leh. Moving away from Leh, we meet tribes like the nomadic Changpas, the Ladakhis, the Dards and the Baltis.