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The lost hunt : Hill Korba

Domain:Social practices, rituals and festive events

State: Chhattisgarh


The video is a presentation on the Pahadi or Hill Korba tribe of Sarjuga district of Chhattisgarh. The film is divided into three parts and looks at the various aspects of the tribal life of the Hill Korbas. The Hill Korbas are traditional hunters and warriors but due to the disappearance of forests and game they have now turned to agriculture and fishing. According to myth regarding the origin of the tribe, they are said to be born out of a scarecrow standing in the middle of a rice field with bows and arrows in hand. Lord Ram is said to have breathed life into the scarecrow at the behest of his wife Sita. The Korba story of Bagrai and Bachrai related to a hunting expedition has been narrated in the film. The film looks at the rituals and traditions of the Korbas which are disappearing.