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In search of a quest from drupka to dupka

Domain:Social practices, rituals and festive events

State: West Bengal


The video is a documentary on the Dukpa people of Alipurduar district in West Bengal. The film focuses on the Dukpas living in the small hamlets of the Buxa hills of Alipurduar. They are descendants of the valiant Drukpa warriors of the Druk Yul or the ‘Land of Thunder God.’ There was a time when Druk Yul was torn apart by war when the monk Jabdrung Nawang Drukpa established peace in the region. Now that Druk Yul is lost forever as the Drukpa stronghold of Pasakha became the Paksa Duar and the Pasakha Dzong became the Paksa Fort. The present day Dukpas still keep their connection to the Drukpas of Druk Yul through their customs, traditions, faith and beliefs. The film looks closely at the lifestyle of the Dupkas, from their dwellings to their occupational structure, to their food habits, to their festivals like Losar or New Year.