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Sarinda is a stringed instrument made of steel, wood, parchment, and horsehair. This folk instrument is found in Assam and Tripura. Majorly used for accompaniment in Assamese songs and used by the tribal communities of Tripura.

SARINDA in Assam

Material: Steel, wood, parchment, horsehair

A bowed instrument with three main playing steel strings. Hollowed out of a single block of wood; one third of the resonator is covered with parchment fixed with wooden nails; Played with a horse hair bow. Used for accompaniment in Assamese songs.

SARINDA in Tripura

Material: Wood, parchment

Three stringed bowed instrument. An integrated wooden body with peg box, short finger board and a pear shaped resonator partly covered with skin pasted on the lower end, having a flat frontal face. The scroll has a wooden carved bird. Used by the tribal communities of Tripura.