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Bal Shastri Jambhekar

Bal Gangadhar Shastri Jambhekar (1812-46), born in Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra, was a scholar, educationist, journalist and social reformer.

Jambhekar lived for only 33 years but left an indelible mark in the history of modern journalism in Marathi. Constantly driven by the desire to serve the country, he wrote several articles and books on various topics in both Marathi and English. In 1832, Jambhekar started the first Anglo- Maratha newspaper - ‘Durpun’, and in 1840, the first Marathi monthly magazine - ‘Digdurshun’. These publications marked a first in the efforts to create high-class journalism in western India. Through his publications, Jambhekar endeavoured to promote public discussion on issues concerning national prosperity and utilised his power to influence public opinion to drive a more progressive turn in matters social, political and educational. Jambhekar contributed to shaping public life in Bombay and remained at the forefront of the reform movement. Jambhekar believed that reform should grow from within, in an evolutionary manner, and in confirmation with, as far as possible, the best in the Hindu Shastras and tradition.

Famously remembered as the Father of Marathi journalism, Jambhekar was a source of intellectual inspiration to many.

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A map showing the location of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra