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Diwan Bahadur Gopal Singh

Diwan Bahadur Gopal Singh belonged to Garrauli, presently located in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. He led one of the several uprisings against the British colonial rule in Central India prior to 1857.

Gopal Singh was one of the most dominant military chiefs to oppose the occupation of Bundelkhand by the British in 1803. He refused to accept the over lordship of the British as that would relegate him to servitude in his own land, and launched an armed campaign to drive them out of the region. For nine long years he successfully resisted every effort of the British to influence him or to reduce him to submission by the use of force. He decided to submit himself only when he realized the futility of waging a prolonged struggle against the militarily superior British, and presented his demands which included a full pardon and the formal legitimization of his jagir. Accordingly in 1812 the jagir of Garrauli, recognized by a sanad (feudal deed) was granted to Gopal Singh, and the remaining conditions put by him were also accepted.

Despite this settlement, the British conspired to assassinate him in 1814. However, he successfully resisted the attempt on his life, and remained a thorn in the side of the colonial authorities till his last breath.

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Colonial Map of Central India, including Garrauli (Present day Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh)