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Seth Chotani

Haji Jan Muhammad Chotani, popularly known as Seth Chotani was a Mumbai-based businessman who emerged as a prominent leader of the Khilafat and Non-Cooperation movements in the city.

Chotani was a founding member of the Bombay Khilafat Committee, which was established in March 1919 to liberate Turkey. The Bombay Khilafat Committee was renamed the Central Khilafat Committee (CKC) of India after the Lucknow Congress, 1919, and was entrusted national leadership of the Khilafat agitations with Chotani as its president.

He was also actively involved in the Non-Cooperation movement and promoted Hindu-Muslim solidarity. During the campaign, he worked hand-in-hand with Gandhiji and promoted agitations based on non-violence. He was also a part of a committee along with Gandhiji, Shaukat Ali and others formed for drawing the details of the Non-Cooperation movement. Chotani also resigned from his honorary magistracy in protest against British actions. Later when he was offered the rank of a Baron by the crown in exchange for giving up politics, he firmly refused. Throughout the struggle, he was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment multiple times.

Seth Chotani was pivotal in bringing the Indian Muslims to the freedom movement. His contributions to the Non-Cooperation movement and the promotion of communal harmony deserve praise from all quarters.

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Haji Jan Muhammad Chotani