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Folk Festivals

Folk festivals are markers of cultural assimilation uniting various components of the traditional expressions found in a community. The festivals reflect the diverse constituents of social folk customs revering nature, preserving social traditions, and commemorating ancestors and deities. They are the periodic celebrations where the communities interact ceremonially in the festivities.

Social Traditions

Festivals in Indian tradition celebrate intricate social bonds. These festivals honouring social relationships are about the feeling of love and togetherness, as well as the strengthening of social ties. They are unique social practices, especially relevant to a community which help reinforce a sense of identity and continuity with the past. Worship rites, traditional games and sports, kinship ritual ceremonies, culinary traditions, seasonal ceremonies, practices specific to men or women, and others are all part of the rituals and festive events.

Gothsi Festival

Gothsi or Gochi is a festival from the Lahaul/ Spiti region, celebrated by families who had a male child the previous year.


Bhai Dooj is an annual Hindu festival and signifies the protection of brothers by their sisters.


Raksha Bandhan is an annual Hindu festival and signifies the protection of sisters by their brothers.

Jamai Shashthi

Jamai Shashthi is a day of celebration in West Bengal, dedicated to the sons-in-law.